czwartek, 13 sierpnia 2015

VIZ Media wyda Monster Hunter

Według amerykańskiego sklepu amazon wydawnictwo VIZ Media wyda mangę Monster Hunter.

Monster Hunter
Autor: Keiichi Hikami, Shin Yamamoto
Gatunek: shounen, fantasy, akcja, przygoda
Liczba tomów: 10
Premiera: 12 kwiecień 2016
Cena: $10.99
Opis wydawnictwa: It is an age when monsters rule the world, soaring through the sky, treading the earth and filling the seas. Humanity survives on the fringes, relying on a special kind of hero to defend the people from danger—the Monster Hunters! Hunting giant man-eating beasts is no job for the weak-hearted, but along with courage, it takes skill and experience to be a good Hunter. It also takes good teamwork. Raiga and his comrades are experts now, but when they started down the path of the Monster Hunter, they lacked these qualities. When they head off to confront the dragon-like Queropeco, they quickly learn that this flaw could cost them dearly…

Manga wychodziła w latach 2011-2015 w czasopiśmie Famitsu Comic Clear (wyd. Enterbrain).

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