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Dwie nowości od Seven Seas

Wydawnictwo Seven Seas zapowiedziało wydanie mang: Magia the Ninth oraz Please Tell Me! Galko-chan.

Magia the Ninth
Autor: Ichiya Sazanami
Gatunek: shounen, supernatural, historyczny
Liczba tomów: 1+
Premiera: 22 listopada 2016
Cena: $12.99
Dodatkowe informacje: Kolorowe strony.
Opis wydawnictwa: High school student Takeru Sumura has a dark secret: his parents were murdered by demons. Consumed by vengeance, Takeru seeks out the famed demon hunter, Ludwig van Beethoven. Beethoven is a “magia,” a wizard who wields the power of music to battle demons. Taken under Beethoven’s wing, Takeru joins the ranks of other renowned magia: Bach, Mozart, Shubert, Liszt and Tchaikovsky. This unique team of demon hunters will use their music-based magic to combat the world’s demons. Now all Takeru needs to do is figure out how to convince Beethoven to upgrade him from his personal cleaning boy to a full-fledged apprentice!


Manga wydawana jest od 2014 roku przez wydawnictwo Media Factory.

Please Tell Me! Galko-chan
Autor: Suzuki Kenya
Gatunek: shounen, ecchi, komedia, szkolne życie
Liczba tomów: 2+
Premiera: 22 listopada 2016
Cena: $14.99
Dodatkowe informacje: Cała manga w kolorze, powiększony rozmiar
Opis wydawnictwa: Galko-chan always speaks her mind, which may not be the wisest decision in all cases, but it’s never short of entertaining! Meet the exuberant and unbelievably busty high schooler, Galko, as she traverses the ups and downs of adolescence with spirit and verve, alongside her best friends--the anti-social loner, Otako, and the unpredictably honest, Ojyo.

ple1.jpg ple2.jpg

Manga wychodzi od 2014 w czasopiśmie Comic Walker (wyd. Media Factory).

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