wtorek, 1 marca 2016

Seven Seas wyda Re:Monster

Wydawnictwo Seven Seas zapowiedziało wydanie mangi Re:Monster.

Autor: Haruyoshi Kobayakawa, Kogitsune Kanekiru
Gatunek: seinen, akcja, fantasy, harem, komedia, dramat, romans
Liczba tomów: 2+
Premiera: 8 listopada 2016
Cena: $12.99
Opis wydawnictwa: Tomokui Kanata has suffered an early death, but his adventures are far from over. He is reborn into a fantastical world of swords and magic-- as a lowly goblin! Not content to let this stop him, the now renamed “Rou” uses his new physical abilities and his old memories to plow ahead in a world where consuming other creatures allows him to acquire their strengths and powers.

rem1.jpg rem2.jpg

Manga wychodzi od 2014 nakładem wydawnictwa Alpha Polis.

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