piątek, 22 lipca 2016

Nowości od wydawnictwa Udon

Wydawnictwo Udon Entertainment zapowiedziało wydanie mangi Dragon's Crown, LN-ki Street Fighter: The Novel oraz artbooków: Neon Genesis Evangelion Production Art Collection, Yu-Gi-Oh! The Art of the Cards, Telegenic! Atsushi Nishigori Animation Works, Reminiscence: Kwang-Hyun Kim Freezing Illustrations i Samurai Pizza Cats Official Fan Book.

Dragon's Crown
Autor: yuztan, Atlus
Gatunek: shounen, akcja, przygoda, ecchi, fantasy
Liczba tomów: 2
Premiera: ?
Cena: ?
Opis: The manga is set primarily in the Kingdom of Hydeland in a fantasy world that possesses vast labyrinths and catacombs beneath the civilization and fantastical monsters in the darkest and most desolate forests.The plot revolves around a legendary relic, known as the Dragon's Crown and the quest to retrieve it. A mysterious coven of magic-users with influence in even the highest levels of government seek the treasure and have used their sorcery to link together long forgotten ruins, dangerous labyrinths and many other areas together in order to search for it. But there's one group that wants to retrieve it before those who would use it for their own sinister purpose do.

Manga wychodziła w latach 2013-2014 w czasopiśmie Comptiq (Kadokawa Shoten).

Street Fighter: The Novel
Autor: Takashi Yano, Yusuke Murata
Gatunek: shounen, akcja, supernatural
Liczba tomów: 1
Premiera: ?
Cena: ?
Opis wydawnictwa: Brak.

LN-ka z 2016 roku, wydana przez wydawnictwo PHP

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