piątek, 7 października 2016

Nowości od VIZa

Wydawnictwo VIZ Media ogłosiło wydanie mang: Vampire Knight: Memories, Golden Kamuy, Tokyo Ghoul:re oraz Boruto.

Vampire Knight: Memories
Autor: Matsuri Hino
Gatunek: shoujo, romans, supernatural, dramat, szkolne życie
Liczba tomów: 1+
Premiera: sierpień 2017
Cena: $9.99
Opis wydawnictwa: Vampire Knight returns with collection of stories that delve into Yuki and Zero’s time as a couple in the past, and explores the relationship between Yuki’s children and Kaname in the present. After a fierce battle between humans and vampires, a temporary peace was established, but Kaname continued to sleep within a coffin of ice… Yuki gave Kaname her heart to revive him as a human being. These are the stories of what happened during those 1000 years of Kaname’s slumber, and the start of his human life.


Manga wychodzi od 2013 roku w czasopiśmie LaLa DX (Hakusensha).

Golden Kamuy
Autor: Satoru Noda
Gatunek: seinen, akcja, przygoda, komedia, dramat, historyczny
Liczba tomów: 8+
Premiera: 2017
Cena: $9.99
Opis: The manga centers on Saichi Sugimoto, a veteran of the Russo-Japanese war who heads to Hokkaido to find gold to take care of the wife of his fellow soldier. He teams up with an Ainu hunter named Asirpa to find a hidden stash of gold stored by criminals.

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Manga wychodzi od 2014 roku w czasopiśmie Weekly Young Jump (Shueisha).

Tokyo Ghoul:re
Autor: Sui Ishida
Gatunek: seinen, supernatural, akcja, dramat, psychologiczny
Liczba tomów: 8+
Premiera: 2017
Cena: $9.99
Opis: In Tokyo, an unchanging despair is lurking. Mysterious man-eating beings, ghouls, run rampant in Tokyo. Living hidden during everyday life, the existence of ghouls, whose true identities are shrouded in mystery, permanently terrorizes Tokyo's residents. At CCG, the sole institution that investigates and resolves cases related to ghouls, Haise Sasaki has been assigned a certain mission. While dealing with the unruly four problem children known as "Quinx", has Haise's days of suffering begun?

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Manga wychodzi od 2014 roku w czasopiśmie Weekly Young Jump (Shueisha).

Autor: Mikio Ikemoto, Ukyo Kodachi
Gatunek: shounen, akcja, przygoda, komedia, fantasy
Liczba tomów: 1+
Premiera: 2017
Cena: $9.99
Opis wydawnictwa: Naruto was a young shinobi with an incorrigible knack for mischief. He achieved his dream to become the greatest ninja in the village and his face sits atop the Hokage monument. But this is not his story... A new generation of ninja are ready to take the stage, led by Naruto's own son, Boruto!


Manga wychodzi od 2016 roku w czasopiśmie Weekly Shounen Jump (Shueisha).

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  1. Mnie interesują tylko kontynuacje Tokyo Ghoul i Naruto, ale czekam na polskie wydanie. Nad Vampire Knight musiałabym się zastanowić. Na początku lubiłam tą serię, ale od około 10 tomu przestało mnie wciągać.

    1. No, jakby wyszło to VK po polsku to bym pewno kupiła. Ale tak to nie...