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Trzy nowości od Seven Seas

Wydawnictwo Seven Seas zapowiedziało wydanie mang: Devilman G, Captain Harlock: Dimensional Voyage oraz The Count of Monte Cristo.

Devilman G
Autor: Go Nagai, Rui Takatou
Gatunek: seinen, akcja, dramat, horror, fantasy, szkolne życie
Liczba tomów: 5
Premiera: 17 października 2017
Cena: $12.99
Opis wydawnictwa: When demons begin taking over the bodies of humans, only the strongest survive. When a practicing young witch named Miki Makimura asks her friend Akira Fudo for help with a ritual, the spell is interrupted and Akira is left on the brink of death. His body is overtaken by a powerful being named Amon. Now torn between his humanity and the demon within him, Akira uses his abilities to fight in the war between demons and humans for the future of the world itself!

dev.jpg dev2.jpg dev3.jpg dev4.jpg

Manga wychodziła w latach 2012-2014 w czasopiśmie Champion RED Ichigo (Akita Shoten).

Captain Harlock: Dimensional Voyage
Autor: Leiji Matsumoto, Kouichi Shimahoshi
Gatunek: shounen, akcja
Liczba tomów: 5+
Premiera: 3 października 2017
Cena: $12.99
Opis wydawnictwa: When Tadashi Daiba’s father is murdered by invaders known as the Mazon, he becomes frustrated in the face of the Earth government’s flippant attitude. Landing himself in prison, Tadashi finds himself invited aboard the battleship Arcadia, controlled by none other than the legendary Captain Harlock. Joining his crew on their journey through space, Tadashi’s future will lead him to confront not only the Mazon, but the many other forces across the universe threatening humanity’s very existence.

cap1.jpg cap2.jpg cap3.jpg cap4.jpg

Manga wychodzi od 2014 roku w czasopiśmie Champion Red (Akita Shoten).

The Count of Monte Cristo
Autor: Ena Moriyama, Alexander Dumas
Gatunek: seinen, historyczny, dramat, akcja, tajemnica, romans
Liczba tomów: 1
Premiera: 19 grudnia 2017
Cena: $14.99
Dodatkowe informacje: Wersja deluxe.
Opis wydawnictwa: Set in the time just before Napoleon’s return to power, this adventurous tale follows the trials and tribulations of Edmond Dantès. After being unjustly imprisoned on the day of his wedding, Edmond devises a plan that leads to his escape, a hoard of treasure, and a new identity: the Count of Monte Cristo. A tale of courage, vengeance, romance and betrayal!


Manga została wydana w 2014 przez wydawnictwo Hakusensha.

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