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Nowości TokyoPopu

Według sklepu amazon wydawnictwo TokyoPop wyda mangi: Magical Dance, Stitch! Best Friends Forever!, Vidia and the Fairy Crown, Tangled oraz Tinker Bell's Secret.

Magical Dance
Autor: Nao Kodaka
Gatunek: shoujo, fantasy, sportowe
Liczba tomów: 2
Premiera: 6 czerwca 2017
Cena: $
Opis wydawnictwa: A young girl joins a dancing competition with her fellow students and soon realizes that she has two left feet! She spends a lot of time practicing but is discouraged by her results. Because of the young girl’s passion and dedication, Tinker Bell appears to grant her a wish. When Tinker Bell casts a spell on a magical card, the young girl enters the magical world of Disney and learns the joys of dancing!

mag1899db.jpg mag22da87.jpg

Manga wychodziła w latach 2008-2009 w czasopiśmie Nakayoshi (Kodansha).

Stitch! Best Friends Forever!
Autor: Miho Asada
Gatunek: komedia, przygoda
Liczba tomów: 1
Premiera: 18 lipca 2017
Cena: $10.99
Opis wydawnictwa: You know and love Stitch's Hawaiian adventures... so join your favorite alien as he visits a Japanese island near Okinawa, where he befriends a young girl named Yuna, who excels at karate. This is a diary of their adventures throughout the island.


Manga wyszła w 2010 roku nakładem wydawnictwa Shogakukan.

Vidia and the Fairy Crown
Autor: Haruhi Kato
Gatunek: fantasy, przygoda
Liczba tomów: 1
Premiera: 25 lipca 2017
Cena: $10.99
Opis wydawnictwa: When Queen Clarion's crown goes missing on the night of Pixie Hollow's biggest bash, all fingers point to one thief - the rude & standoffish fairy Vidia! To keep from being banished from Pixie Hollow forever, Vidia goes on an outrageous hunt for the crown that takes her from one end of Never Land to the other. Can she find the crown in time to save Vidia's reputation?


Manga wyszła w 2007 roku nakładem wydawnictwa Kodansha.

Autor: Shiori Kanaki
Gatunek: shoujo, fantasy, romans
Liczba tomów: 1
Premiera: 15 sierpnia 2017
Cena: $10.99
Opis wydawnictwa: Rapunzel has lived inside an isolated tower all her life, able to see the world outside her window but forbidden to leave. When the notorious thief Flynn Rider shows up, she makes a deal with him to finally break free and experience the world outside her prison. Is the world as scary as Mother Gothel promised it would be? Or will she find the answers behind her magical, flowing hair and the truth about her childhood?


Manga wyszła w 2011 roku nakładem wydawnictwa Shogakukan.

Tinker Bell's Secret
Autor: Haruhi Kato
Gatunek: fantasy, przygoda
Liczba tomów: 1
Premiera: 17 października 2017
Cena: $10.99
Opis wydawnictwa: Tinker Bell is the best tinkerer in all of Pixie Hollow. She's even asked to fix Queen Lee's bath tub, the biggest honor for any tinker fairy! But when Tink loses her magical hammer in Peter Pan's secret hideout, she loses her ability to tinker! Will Tink be able to get her hammer and her talent back without being caught by Peter Pan and the Lost Boys?


Manga wyszła w 2007 roku nakładem wydawnictwa Kodansha.

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