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Nowości Seven Seas

Według sklepu amazon wydawnictwo Seven Seas wyda mangi Made in Abyss, Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid: Kanna's Daily Life oraz Nameless Asterism.

Made in Abyss
Autor: Akihito Tukushi
Gatunek: seinen, dramat, fantasy, przygoda
Liczba tomów: 5+
Premiera: 2 stycznia 2018
Cena: $12.99
Opis wydawnictwa: In an age when the corners of the world have been scoured for their secrets, only one place remains unexplored--a massive cave system known as the Abyss. Those who traverse its endless pits and labyrinth-like tunnels are known as Cave Raiders. A young orphan named Rico dreams of following in her mother’s footsteps as a Cave Raider, and when she meets a strange robot when exploring the Abyss, she’s one step closer to achieving her goal!

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Manga wychodzi od 2012 roku w czasopiśmie Manga Life Win+ (Take Shobo).

Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid: Kanna's Daily Life
Autor: Coolkyoushinja, Mitsuhiro Kimura
Gatunek: seinen, komedia, okruchy życia, supernatural
Liczba tomów: 2+
Premiera: 30 stycznia 2018
Cena: $12.99
Opis wydawnictwa: After leaving her otherworldly home to find her fellow dragon, Tohru, young Kanna found herself unofficially adopted by Tohru and her human companion, Miss Kobayashi. From attending elementary school to making new friends, Kanna learns to adjust to the human world with the curiosity and cuteness that only a young dragon could have!

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Manga wychodzi od 2017 roku w czasopiśmie Gekkan Action (Futabasha).

Nameless Asterism
Autor: Kina Kobayashi
Gatunek: shounen, shoujo-ai, komedia, dramat, szkolne życie, okruchy zycia
Liczba tomów: 5
Premiera: 30 stycznia 2018
Cena: $12.99
Opis wydawnictwa: Tsukasa, Nadeshiko, and Mikage have been inseparable since they began junior high, but Tsukasa has a secret she’s been keeping from her best friends--she actually has a big crush on Nadeshiko! Not wanting to risk their friendship, she planned to keep it a secret forever, but when Tsukasa learns that Nadeshiko has a crush on Mikage, her desire to support her friends now conflicts with her own feelings. First love blossoms in unexpected ways for these three young women and their circle of friends.

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Manga wychodziła w latach 2015-2017 w czasopiśmie Gangan Online (Square Enix).

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  1. "Liczba tomów: 53+" Cze... co? Mały błąd się wkradł, a ja w niego uwierzyłam xD Byłam w szoku, że zostanie wydana tak długa manga, o której kompletnie nic nie słyszałam i to jeszcze przez SS. :D